Pre Order Policy

What is a “Pre-order?”
A pre-order is an order that has been placed before an item has been made commercially available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later on its release date.

Usefulness of Pre-ordering
Here are three benefits of pre-ordering:

  • Pre-orders are prioritized for you to be the first to receive newly released products.
  • Discounted pricing is frequently associated.
  • See individual product listings for details. Guaranties for you to receive products when only limited quantities were produced.

    Guideline Of Pre-order

    • You will be notified if your order has a change in the release date. In some unlikely events (i.e., manufacturer cancellation, production date changes to earlier/later release, or insufficient stock), you can be fully assured that a 100% refund will be credited back to your payment method.
    • Please kindly ensure that you are willing to endure the duration of the release of a said particular product before you decide to purchase.
    • When you are ready to purchase the item and make the DEPOSIT to secure your copy, just go through the usual checkout process to complete. Once the item is released, a confirmation email will be sent to you notifying you that the balance due for the said item needs to be paid in full to confirm your shipment once you have complied.


    Purchase of Mix Items (IMPORTANT!)
    Purchasing of MIX items that involve both pre-order and in-stock items will not be shipped together. The in-stock items will be processed for shipping promptly. The pre-order item will be shipped only upon its release date.

    Pre-order Deadline
    The deadline means the final date, a pre-order can be placed for a particular product, or when quantities are now limited, low-stock or sold out.

    NOTE: If the "PRE-ORDER" button is still active after the release month, it means the product has not yet arrived, and reserved quantities are still available for pre-order & discounted pricing until sold out.

    Where do I find my pre-order products?

    Go to My Account, under Order History. All your orders will be recorded there.

    For More information about our Pre Order Policy. Please visit our contact us page.Text or Email Us.